Back into art.

ansi pattern

ansi pattern

Well  I recently have had a lot of life changes going down.  Working on lots and lots of art lately. In other news, I’ve gotten back into working on ANSI art.   I have recently been honored enough to  join the Blocktronics ANSI  group. B7!  I was part of the ACiD Trip.

First place winner of the ANSI/ASCII compo at Demosplash 2013, held at Carnegie Mellon University, October 4-5, 2013. The ANSI received the highest honor possible, a perfect score.

This ANSI was created by 23(*) artists from 6 different countries. At 3,266 lines long, this is far and away the longest ANSI scroller ever created.

Full credits: accessdenied, ANT*, avg, cyonx, Deeply Disturbed, delicious, enzO, filth, H7, misfit, mattmatthew, ober, RaD Man, retribution, ReV, smoke, sonic, spear, The Creep Fever, the text exorcist, ungenannt, whazzit, zerovision.

Australia + Brazil + Canada + Finland + Sweden + USA

This ANSI was created using a collaborative ANSI editing tool called PabloDraw. It’s essentially a chatroom plus a 10,000-line ANSI canvas that anyone can edit.

Enormous thanks to Trixter (Mindcandy/Hornet) for his assistance in helping us capture this project in 1080p high definition video.

ACiD –

Blocktronics –

Download the original ANSI or PNG from deviantART:

30 disembodied eyeballs
9 frogs a-leaping
6 wild tongues lashing about
5 birds, some angry, some lawn ornaments.
3 cats including Garfield Lecter
3 tadpoles… wishing they were frogs
3 dolphins with turtle friend
? dragons are everywhere
1 snake (snakes galore!)
1 visible penis
16 colors
If you displayed consecutive classic Dos 80×25 screens, you’d have to stack 136 monitors to display the whole thing. And, if you printed each of those 80×25 screens on a standard letter size paper, the full ANSI would be nearly 10 stories tall.
Since this is my first pack with BLOCK7RONICS, we are re-introducing me (aka ANT) to the ANSI community.  I’m glad to have gotten my bearings back so quickly.  I’ve been working on quite a few ANSI’s for the new ART PACK that comes out on October 30, 2013, which is Devil’s Night. This pack should be awesome.  I’m including a Telnet BBS list so you guys can download Sync-term or another Telnet client, and get involved in the underground BBS scene!
Now in 2013, you can access Telnet BBS through a program called SYNC TERM. It is the same thing, except the art is better (in my opinion). I rediscovered about 20 to 30 BBSes that are still in operation when I was feeling nostalgic and looking for an ANSI editor one day. I found the ANSI editor Pablo Draw, which is a text editor used to create 16 bit art. After getting my bearings back for drawing ANSI, I submitted a few designs to the worldwide ANSI art group BLOCK7RONICS. Upon their review of my creations, I was happily accepted as a member.
The BLOCK7RONICS group just won DEMOSPLASH 2013 ANSI/ASCII art competition in Pittsburgh, PA, with a joint-ANSI called “ACiD Trip” which is a 3,265 line ANSI made by 23 artists in 6 different countries. The art was made on 2 separate servers. I feel blessed to have been involved in the “ACiD Trip” project.
ANSI art is a retro form of computer art; for many of us, ANSI was the first style of computer art we were introduced to, as it is very similar to our 8 bit predecessors like Nintendo and Atari video game graphics. Luckily, ANSI is finally being taken seriously by the public as a real art form.  There are plenty of demo parties, but now there are actual brick-and-mortar art galleries displaying ANSI. It’s not just for hidden online amusement anymore. Here’s to all the ANSI work of the past, and to the ever growing future — hopefully its a bright one.
The new Blocktronics Art Pack will be available on Devil’s Night –  10/30/2013  now postponed until 11/12/13  there will be a link on AK13 Studios site for you all to check it out..

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